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Written by multi-award-winning and bestselling Author Brenda Mohammed, comprises five thrilling episodes set on a beautiful fictitious island named Gosh in the year 2036.

This futuristic thriller is unique as it contains elements of sci-fi, romance, medical aspects, and dark fantasy, suitable for all ages.

If you have not yet read the multiple award-winning book, inspired by the scare of the zika virus, you will be unaware of what can take place in the minds of mad scientists who try to use a virus to control lives.

Dr. Stephen Sharpe kidnapped as a child and raised by an evil man nicknamed Zeeka, who tried to use science for revenge, attempts to restore sanity to the island of Gosh, even if it means throwing his fiancé into the arms of his brother, who never knew him. It is a complicated tale where zombies and robots take center stage.

The book was an award winner in the Category Young Adult Thriller in Readers Favorite International Awards 2018, winner in Science Fiction in SIBA Awards 2017, winner of the gold award in the category science fiction in Connections Emagazine Readers' Choice Awards 2018, and winner in the top ten finalists for science-fiction in the Author Academy Global Awards 2018.

Take a futuristic journey into the year 2036 with this mind-blowing, bold, and original 'other world' book, that will capture your imagination and keep you spellbound.

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