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WOODLAND - Marilyn Donita Miller

Woodland Creatures from all terrains gather round at Cranbury Nook at morrows lullaby to say adieu for the journey end to land sea and sky of North all too fair in the broadest scope of that which can not be entertained or dismissed Idle chatter from our fine feathered starlings and owls are hidden Louve where Nature has presented a Paradise to behold a finer event has never been sent to all Mankind all over the town The children to whisper with wee little giggles delighted to see two chipmunks scurrying up the tree to hide their wares and storage vault laden with nuts and berries to dry galore Sanctuary haven from fools mankind with words of war declaring and scolding adding insult to injury on all ready trodden torn soiled and burned Souls we grimace at mistake after mistake realizing though they believe our destiny lies in the victory bringing to bear a terrible unending war of revolt we truly are all on Death's Door do not be quick to answer and quake as boots marching stride up to your door...God is our victor and no other more.

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