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WOMAN - Ramesh Chandra Pradhani

Beauty is a woman, the woman is beauty Without her presence desert is society The mystery of creation centre of attraction spellbound Power of construction and destruction as well all around Daring, caring, and sharing personality Having dashing, lashing, embracing quality No similies, metaphors suffice to glorify her beauty She is an unparalleled incomparable icon of simplicity. Woman, woman thy name is beauty The indescribable beauty of humanity Hope, confidence, trust in reality Loyal, royal, incredible purity. Woman, woman thy name is sweet home Thy presence makes home a heaven Heart of home, the life of offsprings Soul of family, the whole of all things. Inspiration, aspiration, and motivation Stimulus, stimuli and core stimulation Thou are nourisher, nurturer, and caterer Ultimate shelter holder next to Creator.

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