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WHY WE CAN'T DISCERN GOD? By Sahaj Sabharwal

Today is a world full of development in fields of Science and Technology by talented and artistic people. Different types of people live in this world. All of them, directly or indirectly have inbuilt talents by creative God.

A few of them are atheistic while others are theistic. But all humans are the creation of almighty God. People worship God for their good and request God to keep them fit and healthy and to bless them. But they do not worship God with full concentration and attachment. Hindus worship their God in temples, Muslims worship their God in Mosques, Sikhs worship their God in Gurdwaras while Christians worship their God in Churches. But a very few people are able to find God. This is due to the concentration and love with God and full faith in God. Many people when go to their worship place, they keep on watching their surroundings and other people rather than God. They pay very few time praying God. Some of them on sitting for long time in worship centre, get bored and to overcome it they use smartphones to chat, watch videos, play games, phone call their relatives , disturb others who are wholeheartedly worshiping God and converse with other people around them. If they pay attention towards God and pray them honestly, they will definitely find God. Children in worship places try learn everything they watch around them and if adults do these things, this will have bad effect on young generation too. Children, if doing something wrong in worship centres is not their mistakes as they are immature but it is the mistake of their parents.

Parents are their future maker and must do best they can in front of them and in real life also as a child will follow characteristics of their parents only. While taking holy offerings (prasada) or blessings from the priests or food used as religious offerings the devotees often show their greed and want more quantity of blessings in form of ambrosia. This all is observed and noted as a record by God.

Not even the mistakes of devotees but the priests also do many mistakes in those religious places. Priest, nowadays, are indulged in wrong activities. They show very less attention to the God and devotees and their concentration is on what a devotee offer to God and its quantity and priest show their greed and cleverness in it. Priests try to do brainwash of the devotees and this too is under the supervision of almighty God and provide the prasada/blessings depending on the quantity and quality of the thing or amount or money a person gives to the God. A priest must be an ideal, good intelligent and calm hearted religious person who should never do any discrimination based on caste, creed, colour or gender. A mind full of purity and good thoughts is necessary condition to find God. God never wants amount or quantity or quality of thing and not even the thing, but God only wants the wholehearted attention and attachment of the devotees to him. He wants nothing but the faith of a devotee and God is ready to give everything good, a devotee wants or wishes to get as God is the creator of this world. God always exists within the heart of everyone. If a pure mind of a noble person with full concentration, when tries to find God, just by closing eyes is guaranteed to get God's visit.

Moreover, now a days, people are keeping copy of pictures or God's statue at their homes. These pictures or statues are produced in bulk by the painters/artists or idolist/sculptor.

According to me, this must not be done. As people produce various copies of God's pictures or statues and they are doing this just for their business. Except religious places, people are keeping the copy of God at their home, office, cars, using pictures of God in bracelets and necklaces. With this the value and purity of worship places are decreasing day by day. People carelessly keep God's pic anywhere and show very less respect to it. Many times , the industry where these sculpture or pictures are printed in bulk , they throw them in bundle or box from here to there and many of the prints tear off and statues are broken without considering them as a piece of worship and just try to gain maximum profits only by any means. But if on the same place, when God's statue is kept in a pure religious place, it will have considerable position and will be given great respect and faith. For example -: If a particular thing is present in large quantity, then people become unaware of it and they can use in whatever way they want and use it carelessly considering that if some quantity is used by a person then it will not affect the rest large quantity and waste it recklessly. On the other hand, if that particular this is present only in small amounts then people pay more attention to it and it became valuable for them and they take care of it very well considering that if people waste it they will not get if back easily again .

That's why for having great value of God's statues/pics, the quantity of copies must be less.

Moreover, in olden times people keep a lot of cleanliness and purity in God's home by keeping footwear far away from religious place but now it's not the same rule.

But people have now become very careless and pure less, as they keep their footwear in fact anywhere. Today is a time when people their self are making their own rules and keeping footwear wherever they want and even so near the worship place.

That's the reason why people are unable to find God and a few of calm hearted find God in today's world after a lot of true worship.

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