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Where is our humanity? When the hegemony displays No feelings for the masses And life becomes terribly cheap Like the air we constantly breath Dragging souls into squalor Thereby ruining the psyche Of the downtrodden in anguish Where is our humanity? When callousness and hatred Hover across faiths and skins Springing resentment and breeding Campaign of calumny For the gain of a selected few Who plunder our Commonwealth For personal aggrandizement Turning lesser beings into paupers Where is our humanity? When judgment fly to brutish beasts And men lost their reason For being actors on the planet As abominable occurrence Become a recurring decimal Putting merry faces in pains Through commission of anathema Where is our humanity? When elected representatives Engage in a looting spree For their generation yet unborn As civil servants yawn When they receive peanuts as salaries While the incumbents live flamboyantly Where is our humanity? When our Excellencies Own private iron birds That carries them around the globe When their subjects keep groaning Panting for food and safety That seldom comes Where is our humanity? When angry law-abiding protesters Are gruesomely murdered On the orders of the 'emperors' Who desecrate the temple of justice And bring anarchy to the The doorstep of the wretched of the earth In an arrogant show of might

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