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Twin Flames - K. Radhaktishnan

Inexplicable but mystical,

The ways of hearts are illogical,

It‘s intentions, so unpredictable,

Yet, all it does is irresistible.

To her flame, I dived like a moth,

Nosedived in to love’s path,

In its sunshine took a bath,

Gave no chance to mind to do maths.

Past infinity’s gate,

Our souls did meet to mate,

Long before her eyes I could catch,

And our arms reach to latch.

When soul’s bonds are ancient,

How can heart’s space remain vaccant?

How can words could explain?

The mystery of souls mutual attraction.

To the peaks of life or its abyss,

And in the nether world after this,

Twin flames will find their bliss,

In their embrace and kiss.

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