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THE UNNAMED NIGHT by Elamathi kannan

The clock strikes 11'00,

My past holds me out of sleep,

Desperation pulls my lids down,

Heart pains as if stuck in a bait which is yet to be rested from its hook,

Still trembling between life and death.....

My body lies on an unclosed coffin with the breath,

Eyes stare the open sky,

Tears float down to my ears,

The Stars hold my hands to console when the wind wipes my tears.....

Within a wink, Clouds takes back my consoler and gives me with rain that flushes my past and pushes me to face my tv life...

I wake with a warmth of the sun that gives me Masks to face my day...

I thank him with a smile.

Elamathi Kannan is a budding poet and an artist from the beautiful city of Puducherry, India. She loves to write quotes and poems. She is a student of English Literature and has a great passion in writing her heart out.

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