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Kashmir, India’s one of the most striking states lies on the peaks of Himalayan Ranges with unreliable landscape and culture. The beautiful and splendid place; Mughals appropriately called Kashmir Paradise on Earth situated on the top of India and this charming land is considered as Jeweled Crown on the map of India. The mind-boggling excellence is an eye amuse for the visitors ringed by Himalayan and Pir Panjal ranges. It is the most adored locale among the directors, producers, and filmmakers of Bollywood for shooting, because of its captivating eye attracting view. This is, where you can observe the perfect specialty of nature, divine excellence spread all over the place. The emperor Jahangir remarked “If there is heaven on earth, it’s here in KashmirThe attractive lakes, snow secured slopes, springs, and streams are the genuine appeal of the Kashmir as Paradise on Earth.

But on the other hand the violent conflicts, many social, economic, family and other issues have made life harsh and hard to live and people usually suffer from stress and strains. The drift of progress in Kashmir is unfortunately not encouraging. The restrained development of the state can be recognized to different elements like the poor industrial establishment, poor speculation atmosphere, misled financial arrangements, Indo-Pak relations, political strife, armed disturbance, low efficiency and absence of good government and so on. The most amazing rogue in this state is turbulence, suppression, violence, and unemployment. In the midst of the arranging timeframe unemployment in absolute terms has prolonged. The principal target of our financial approaches, right from the planning has been the arrangement of profitable employment opportunities. But all the arrangements end with a further prominent overabundance of jobless and insecure future of its inhabitants. This has happened because the planning period tendency rate of growth was significantly lower than the targeted growth. Consequently, jobs were not made in sufficient number. The Youth are the most exceedingly terrible sufferers of rough treatment, violence and socio-political issues and idleness. Such tribulations and hardships have dependably been in the front line of developments and political changes. Unluckily the young well literates, in-spite of their commitments to national improvements, find themselves trapped in a culture set apart by viciousness and dissatisfaction in Paralyzed Kashmir. This is the best time for the state to put resources into youth and reactivate their disfranchised energies if there is any condition for economic development and social improvement in state or else it is changing from Paradise to Paralyze Kashmir. People are baited by the false assurances and forged promises of their ministers. It has turned as an uneven blend of some joy and much agony. This brute is gobbling up our seminal years gradually and steadily. Educated people in the majority don’t have employment, methods for sound excitement, wellbeing possessions, and mindfulness. This is the perfect time to examine the issues and give them feasible arrangements else it will be passed the point of no return in the day. With respect to the education of our youth, there is an inclination that it ought to be increasingly profitable and dynamic as far as its application and use.

There is no formal direction for understudies in a coherent determination of an explicit course of study. There is no brought together, a single instruction framework in the state. We have three to four training frameworks running at parallel dimensions. Training implies investigating backup ways to go, both formal and informal, to information and aptitude building. In Kashmir especially it implies putting the right people to the right tracks. The greater part of our employed youth are mavericks in their present positions. They have been burdened to these undesirable commitments either by society, guardians or their conditions. Someone who needed to wind up a legal advisor and was sent to a restorative school against his desire can’t give the best yield as a specialist by any means. We require a legitimate training advising framework in the event that we require a most extreme yield from our youths. Joblessness is another issue faced by our youths. We don’t have most recent authority figures however in lakh’s youths are jobless. Government dispatches a few youth advancements and youth speculation schemes, the following one slates all the past projects and begins over again. Definitive sufferers in this activity are the youths. One of the vital strides to be taken by the Government of Kashmir is amendment and restoration of a national youth strategy which must make circumstances whereby youth stand taught, utilized and free from medication misuse, disappointment, parochialism, sectarianism and different shades of malice which have debilitated the establishments of our general public. We need to set up our youth to confront the difficulties of the occasions with steadfast boldness and energetic certainty.

About the Auhtor:

Dr. Firdous Dar is a Research Scholar at DAVV Indore who has made several literary contributions to both national and International journals and newspapers. You can leave a feedback for him at:

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