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SUICIDE - Author Haroon Rashid

Life seems like a disturbance

Unstable mind questioning the very existence

Happiness on other space seem scary

Nothing mine not even my life that's temporary

Sleepless Nights making my burning eyes red

What I am going through can't be expressed

People claim I need medical assistance

But this blame has unknown existence

Everything around is like a buzz without any hope

Maybe I found a solution to end life tying a rope

The only thing left in which I find scope

All turned foe, no one ready to cope

Everything around seems blurry

But why am I in so much hurry?

With one more painful blink

I questioned myself and took time to think

Someday everybody has to die

But why am I choosing an end over a small cry?

What have I done yet in life

I didn't even began as to strive

Asked myself to get up and take a chance

See again through a visionary glance

I am not made for easy things like suicide

As now again I feel and believe in what's hidden inside

So what in the crowd I am alone

One day they will be proud of my throne.

— About the author:

Author Haroon Rashid is World Famous Author for his various writings and poems, to name a few are; 'We Fell Asleep In One World' aka 'The Earth Poem' , 'The Skin' , 'Suicide Poem' , 'Come Back From The Heaven' , 'Will Meet Again' , 'Human Trafficking' , 'Humanity Poem' , 'Faith' , 'The Mother' , 'Spiritual Love' , 'The World' , 'Media' , 'Human In Uniform' , 'Get Up' , 'Kashmir' , 'Meet A Person' and so on along with Endless Quotes. His work became the fastest poem on earth to reach readers all across the globe and has been translated in every possible language on Earth, be it Spanish, French, German, Arabic, African, Indonesian, Chinese, Hindi, Urdu, Persian, Kannad, Tamil, Sanskrit, Mexican and so on. It not only got him good fame but an unusual success story to be cherished. Many souls including celebrities from Hollywood, Bollywood , Art Fields , Music Fields, Sports Fields, Politics got in touch with him.

He received Worldwide recognition and fame for his work and also has been called to famous Interview shows and still continuing. He is working on International Projects now and is spreading his aura and glory with the magic of his words and shall be doing the same till he takes his last breath.

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30 de nov. de 2020

This is an excellent poem, my dear friend of God's inspirational grace, Author Haroon Rashid. The flow of the words and the impact of the message are profound. The descriptive excellence sends varying images. The theme stands out, and the tone and tenor move the piece down the page with much grace. Great job!

Have a fantastic day, don't forget to pray, stay inspired, ingenious, continue defeating coronavirus, be mindful, and enlightened with God's richest grace and blessings always.

"The higher reality of consciousness enhances peace, love, harmony, and happiness in our hearts with actions we connectively accomplished through faith."

– His Excellency, Professor, Commissioner, Ambassador, Dr. Joseph S. Spence Sr. USA (Epulaeryu Master)!

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