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Story Of Sabri - Sulagna Mitra

Run Roshni run! Run Roshni run! You have to reach your destination ....... Roshni is running. She has to save lives. She has to top this race too......

Sabri is a small beautiful village by a narrow river, where 500 families live. Most of them are very poor. They work the whole day in the fields to yield crops. However, they get very little gain out of it. Their women have to work as a maid in the neighboring villages so that they don't burden their husband. However, Sabri was blessed with the beauty of mother nature. The days were passing fair and good. Suddenly one day the women and girls from the village Sabri started missing. No trace of them could be found again after that. Even their families deny speaking about the incident. Mr. Barun Bose the daring young and handsome reporter tried to get into the incident. He was about to solve the case but he has gone missing too. It caught the eyes of IPS Officer Miss Aritrika Banerjee. She is fierce and ruthless for the criminals. She can be a nightmare for even the most powerful criminals in her area.

Roshni a little girl who lived in Sabri with her father and mother. Her father wanted a better life for Roshni. He wished her little daughter Roshni will become a doctor one day. He dreamt that she will build a good hospital in the village. His daughter will save lives. Many people died due to a lack of proper treatment every year. When epidemics break out the Government help send is not enough. The city is so far that lots of women die while giving birth. Many also died from snake bites. He tried heart and soul to provide proper education to her daughter Roshni. Roshni in turn is a bright and intelligent girl. She was pretty she grew pretty and prettier each day. Her beauty is becoming a nightmare for her parents. She is too simple and down to earth. Anybody meets her starts liking her.

Roshni was wondering where did her neighbor Khusbu didi (elder sister) vanish. She is missing her sitting alone. She was only two years older than her. She wanted to be an actress. No one has any clue about her. Roshni has finished the board exams a few days ago. Suddenly her mother falls ill. The mistress has sent someone to call her for work. Khusbu said that she will do her mom's work. Her mom didn't want to allow her. But a shortage of money persuaded her. Roshni thus went to a nearby village to work on behalf of her mother.

She was working. Suddenly Vijay Thakur's elder son Dev's eyes fell upon her. He is deeply moved by her beautiful smile and innocence. He has always remained out of the village. He is staring at Roshni. However, Roshni is absorbed in deep thought. She completed her job carefully to satisfy the mistress. She was satisfied. Mrs. Vijay ordered Roshni to pluck some neem leaves from the backyard. Bathing in neem water is good for skin and health. Roshni went there in search of some neem leaves. When she came across a slipper. This slipper where has she seen the same ?? Aren't similar to Khusbu Didi's pairs ??? She took it in hand. This is Khusbu Didi's pair. Khusbu Didi pinned it herself the strap was coming out she remembered. But how did it came here? Khusbu Didi, she felt a soft touch. No one was there. Something is wrong. She smelt something fishy. She came back with neem leaves in hands and a lot of new thoughts. She handed over the neem leaves to the lady and hurried back home. She felt somebody is following her closely but couldn't actually find anybody. She started walking as fast as she can.

She knocked herself against someone in carelessness and hurry. Mrs. Ayatrika Banerjee was standing in front ." Why are you running girl ??? " she asked. "Nothing Didi " she replied. "Please girl doesn't be afraid to share with me, "Miss Banerjee said. She was a little confused keep gazing at Miss Banerjee. She hasn't seen this didi before. She is tall, slim, come, and tanned. She looks beautiful in a white saree(dress )."Can I get a house for rent, in this area???". "Please Didi comes with me ", said Roshni. She followed her. Ma (mother), she is Uma Didi, she wants a room for rent. Miss Banerjee started staying in the village in the disguise of an ordinary widow, Uma. Very quickly she became friends with Roshni. Roshni told her about her discovery about Khusbu Didi. How she misses Khusbu didi. How she feels something is wrong in Thakur's house. Uma next day went with Roshni and approached Thakur Shahab (Master of the village) for a job. She was recruited in the kitchen. Thakur Shahab was talking to someone on phone two packets are already ready. I want a ticket for the next election this time. Uma went to the kitchen garden for some green chilies. Why is the earth so loose on this site??? She went to examine. But heard some sound, someone speaking in a low voice. And some moaning of woman voice. She followed the voices.

Six young girls are tied together. The younger son of Thakur, Lakshya is injecting the girls. These girls will be exported out to different towns next week. "Who is there outside ??? " Two men searched but they couldn't find anybody. Uma came back near rose bed absorbed in deep thought. What are you doing here for so long? She turned back to see the Thakurain (mistress) standing behind. Nothing nothing, she pretended to rub her eyes and hurried back to the kitchen. Uma has noticed the keen interest of Dev in Roshni. The creases on her forehead deepened She made signs to Rosni. They left Thakur's house as soon as they can. They ran to the village before the sunset. Uma understood no more time can be wasted. She revealed her actual self, to the villagers ." I am Miss Ayatrika Banerjee " she said. "I need your help, for saving your daughters" she continued. Already six of them are trapped in the Haveli (big house). They will be sold to different cities within a week. If you want to save your daughters please help me. They were told what Miss Banerjee saw in the Haveli. Miss Banerjee said "Nothing to fear. The police force will be ready. You will have to get into the Haveli as soon as the torch is a light signal is given. We will attack the day after tomorrow ." Roshni's father's face looked fierce as fire. "Fear, we the tribal people don't fear anything. We can give our lives to save our daughters. We can take lives too. His eyes glowed in the rage". Then awesome and secret preparation was made by the villagers. They took out their bow and arrows and small strong sticks. They prepared for the battle. Police forces were informed. They will come to serve in the ring of mobile.

The next day they went to the Haveli again. They felt that someone is following closely but could not find anybody. A blood-stained cloth suddenly came in front. Roshni was about to shout when Uma stopped her. This is Khusbu Didi's dupatta (a piece of cloth). Hush Roshni, Hush. Thakur and his men were looking at them. Why are they looking at us??? Again Miss Banerjee smelt something fishy. Yet she carried on. They completed their job and started rushed towards their home. They again felt someone following them. They started running they ran to the village without a stop. They started the next day's preparation. Day after tomorrow board results will be declared. Roshni knows that she will do well. She started with the plans again. They prepared for the next day. They took arms like a knife, Lal Mirch powder, inside the hidden pockets. The next day they set out for a mission. They will win. Everyone was prepared.

Today the Thakur (master), the Thakurain(the mistress), and all the family members are at home. They are celebrating the grand success they got in some deal in Dubai. Uma and Roshni are thus told to stay at night for serving the guests. They started working but with some bizarre feelings. They thought they have to do lots of acting to stay here at night. But isn't things going too easy ??? The sixth sense of Uma is alarming her. She became extraordinarily careful. They had lunch. They took up the lassi (a drink made out of ). Dev came running and pushed the drink away. Uma looked at him " what happened Sir??"." I am Dev secret officer from special branch" he replied ." I am recruited to find out the missing mystery of the reporter . I don't know it will start from my own home . But the drink contain drugs . " Dev is the elder son of Thakur. However, Thakurain is his stepmother. After his mother's death, his father married again. He was sent to stay in a hostel. It is he who follows Roshni and Uma to ensure their safety. Both ladies were stunned. They pretended to be dizzy and after some time and finally lost their senses and fall to the ground. What happened to them??? Dev asked Innocently. Nothing may be food poisoning Thakurain replied. Lakshya picked them up secretly and tied them with those girls locked in the room. He lusted on Roshni.

Celebration began. The MLA, the Inspector, and some big businessmen came. Inspector said, " Miss Banerjee, I always wanted you but ....". He is drunk. They started laughing aloud in a dirty tone. They were all part of this plan. O shit! this inspector too thought Dev. I have to inform Uma. But how??? Uma and Rosni laid still for some time. When they were sure Lakshya has gone they sat up. Uma drew out the knife and set all the girls free. Listen girls we have to fight. All agreed to fight back. They came out secretly and wounded the guards tied them together. Music was so loud no one can hear their voice. They approached. Mrs. Banerjee called the inspector and ordered to come with your police force. "They are free" shouted the inspector, "I have to call the force". So many armed men surrounded the girls at that moment. Mrs. Banerjee realized that the inspector is a traitor, but it was too late." Stand raising your hands or you will be shoot," shouted Lakshya. We will burn all these women alive. They have become a threat to all of us. But we can enjoy them first. Miss Banerjee spitted on the Inspector. He was about to shoot her. But Dev shoots the MLA at his legs he kept him at the gunpoint and shouted all the weapons down. Roshni collected the weapons. Just then Thakurain attempted to kill Dev shooting. But the gun shell just pierced him in his arms. He was bleeding. An unequal fight broke out. But suddenly the sky turned dark shrill laughter was heard. The laughter grew sharper and sharper. A black shadow came out of the rose bed. Everyone was stunned Roshni didi shouted Khusbu Didi . . . Ha hahaha .... the sound turned fearsome. We raped her for 7days and killed her and buried her with the reporter in the rose bed. How is she alive then ?? Yes the soil is loose in the rose bed." I am not alive. I come here to seek revenge". The shadow drew closer. Roshni took the opportunity she threw the red chili powder to Lakshyas eyes and started running. She started running towards the terrace. She will signal the villagers. She has to win ." Run Khusbu Run ... Run khusboo .....", Miss Banerjee's voice was heard. She was determined. She will save everyone. She will save Dev too he is bleeding badly. Even if Khusbu didi kills the criminals. She needs an ambulance for Dev. She kept running like a cheetah .....

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