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The sheer and expressive intensity of thoughts can reawaken even the most repressed feelings within us and so has within my literary friend, honourable Dr Mudasir Nzr of Kashmir.

While going through the book Screaming Silence, the throbbing lines in each poem express a thread of unending and traumatic incidents on how each compartmentalised what they suffered, witnessed & dealt with. How the writer describes very different accounts of each ultimate abuse or punishment is harrowing, honest & tragic. A book filled with so much heartache, cruelty, intensity and pain. A book that demands to be felt; a reality of incidents not to be missed. It is heart wrenching and not an easy read.

This book is dedicated to any person who has suffered any type of abuse and sheer pain and made it out the other side. “You are true survivors."

Reviewed by:

Sania Zakir

Author | Creative Charms & Footprints

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