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Whenever I want to unwind I close my eyes and a small door opens in my mind I enter into the Land of dreams Of Elves, Pixies, and Fairy Queens I see Rapunzel's long beautiful hair Goldilocks is sitting with the three bears Snow White is looking like a doll The same mirror is hanging on the wall Cinderella is getting married to the Prince Sleeping Beauty is all innocence Nothing has changed in the fairy world The animals can be trusted and so can be the birds Animals like humans can speak The birds also have talking beaks I feel so secure in that alien world The skies are also multicolored In a huge palace, I am treated to a feast By none other than the Beauty and the Beast Every story ends with celebrations and laughter On a note, " They lived happily ever after". Why doesn't it happen in our world too? Why Cinderellas here lose more than just a shoe? Why the Rapunzels are pulled by their hair? Why the Goldilocks can no longer trust the bears? Why the Beast never transforms into the Prince handsome? Why the Sleeping Beauties are made captives for a ransom? Why the evil fairies never get punished? Why the wrongdoers never get banished? Why there is no loyalty or fidelity? Why there is such cruelty? Why there are tales of crime? And this is the reason why I escape every day into the Fairy World for some time.

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