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RUNNING MELODIES - Williamsji Maveli

Horses are symbolic poetic images of high power,

Mythology speaks about the unicorn, so clever

Color of the horses has got further interpretation,

White horses are associated for a warrior retention,

Fertility and fame, victory and declare at the end,

A lovable, loyal, royal, smart animal to mankind,

Where in this universe, this kind style of life ride,

All of us could find self-esteem within this pride,

Friendship, a real love without any kind of ego,

Bounty, beauty within a song of desert life echo,

Here, where elegance is served with all power,

And strength by gentleness and so live, clever,

Serving master, day and night without an entity,

Always fighting for a final victory without enmity,

nothing so dominant until rest, nothing less violent.

Running melodies , no more to be vibrant or silent.

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02 dic 2020

This is an excellent post and poem, my brother of God's grace, WilliamJi. I love the flow of the words and the impact of the message. The descriptive excellence is lovely. The theme great, and tenor move the piece along with much grace. Great job!

Me gusta
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