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Requiem by Umoke Marcel

The summer season tides with bane of artic memories;

I shall repeatedly sit on the baked sun 

While I watch the ocher dissolve

Cutting dark furrows of funeral across the sky

The summer season tides with the bane of arctic memories

I shall repeatedly sit on a nippy crust 

Feed on bile of sugar-coated solitude;

There will be no resolve to this brokenness 

That kissed the earth from the call of this internment

But as I listened to the owl 

Coo with the winter moon

The cold painted an epitaph 

Of many shadows of creed by that gravestone

The weary night will shed mist of hope

By the legends of a departed Jupiter,

And arc falling hearts never to yield 

But as long as the waters rub spine with the banks 

The ripples will continue to rim the beach 

Umoke Victor is a young Nigerian writer. He enjoys writing poems and fiction. He has published one of his fictions, 'Of What Use Is Cry'? With Chapbook Series and has to his credit, many unpublished poems and fictions. Attachments area

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