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Rape is not a dirty secret, it's a violent crime by Ezra Alagbada King

Oxford Advanced learners Dictionary of current English define Rape as forcing somebody ( an innocent person,a man or a woman vice versa) to have sex with you (the rapist ) when they do not want to by threatening them or using violence.

To go more simple raping can be said to be forcefully taken advantage of an innocent being to meet your lustful desire without their acceptance.

To first Rape was recorded in the bible when one of the son of King David ( Ammon ) forcefully raped her sister Tamar thus;

"And it came to pass after this that Absalom the son of David had a fair sister, whose name was Tamar, and Ammon the son of David loved her, then did David sent home to Tamar saying, Go now to thy brother Ammon's house, and dress him meat and Ammon said unto Tamar bring the meat unto the chamber that I may eat of thine hand and when she had brought them unto him to eat, he took hold of her and said unto her, come lie with me, my sister, how beit he would not harken unto her voice, but being stronger than she,forced her, and lay with her"

This case therefore established the act and on the long run gave room for more of it. To Rape is no more new in our contemporary world as rapist has seen it as an opportunity to satisfy their desire for sex,rapist in most cases even after been arrested are set free. Our world give Zero concern to the lives of its citizens. The common citizens are left discombobulated as must of them are always the victims of this wicked act.

The female child on the other hand is always unsecured, timid, neglected and frustrated as this wicked act always bounce on her, even though she ran that her footprints gasped for air,his penis is always longer.

The dead of the two Nigerian's Undergraduate students who were recently raped and killed awaken this write up. To seek justice and also to explained and give more elaborated fact on this act.

Protecting is active defense in the midst of an assault. Girls are therefore advised to be protective and watchful. To guard themselves jealously against the possibilities of any attack on their virginity.

They must always be aware of the enemy's against their treasure and they must therefore be ready to safeguard it from injuries or loss. To get protected they must take precautions against any attack by their male or female counterpart and therefore must never be caught unaware. Guarding yourself leads to some steps of defense which are the actions necessary when an enemy steps to over power ,or when he/she tries to get over

1. To defense begins with an understanding of the treasure we have.

As it said that you can't keep what you don't have ,there must be an acknowledgement on our part (female and male) that we have a treasure in us. A female child must know and value herself. This will go a long way to save her and her virginity.

Stories behind most rape cases are funny and unbelievable, to say we still have some set of people who see their virginity as nothing special and who will go a long way to pay anyone who is ready to break it for them is also unbelievable.

There must be a sensitive campaign or an awareness on understanding the treasure and the pride embedded on the body of both male and female. This help to give more value and respect individually to their respective organs thereby reducing this unacceptable act.

2. Recognising the Enemies

We have recorded cases of ladies who were raped as a result of their own attitude on whom the enemy is. You have a guy that ways take advantage on your nakedness and you see nothing wrong with it.

You have a guy that always touch you on your any of your sensitive organs and you see nothing wrong with it.

One of the problem we have is the kind of life most of those involved are living which on most cases play a vital role on them,the truth is we have ladies who see nothing bad in staying alone with opposite sex,ladies whose intentions are hidden,ladies who will later blame their rapist but who were actually the cause of the rape.

Ladies therefore must take caution as to where she goes,how she behave,whom she entertain etc

3. Be Open Minded

" A dead man does not keep his nakedness from those that will bath him" As a child still living under his or her parent,the love shown by parent is enough to trust them on any matter. Though we have parent that roar like lion and cry like rain yet open up to them.

We have lots of girls who even after been raped find it difficult to open up to their parent,it's sad that most of them seek comfort in suicide.

4. Been Raped is not the end of the World

Nobody pray to be a Victim of any bad circumstances but we have people who in one way of the other have jam their own problem which often time make them feel discomfit.

Seeking justice for rape might take a long time. The shame on the other hand is powerful to have overshadow the victim but still to be alive is better than dying been wasted.

Been raped is not the end of life. Your life can still be meaningful, I have friends who had been one time raped but who are currently doing fine. Memories will always be active but as human we have control over our mind. Therefore take caution on how you eee yourself after been broken.

On the other hand ,the male child (adult or youth) should therefore take note ;

a. Ladies are created to be cherish not to be molested

b. Ladies are to be respected ( their body inclusive)

c. When she says NO to rape,the NO is NO

d. Ladies declining your proposal isn't enough and isn't the end of the world,the lord created male and female. We have someone out there created for you ,leave her alone.

e. Nobody not even God make you boss over anyone's daughter without her parents consent.

f. Control your organ never let it control you

g. When their is any urge to rape, FEED your mind with something meaningful

h. Remember there is always a punishment for rape .

One of the greatest tragedies in life is to watch potentials die untapped, a greater tragedy is to watch potentials live unreached. Rapping not only affect the victim emotionally, it also go a long way having everything about the victim,her dreams,expectations and everything around her.

The lack of any aggregate record of sexual offenders in Nigeria make it difficult to state with certainty how many convictions have been recorded over the recent time.

Even with this,the fact that raping increases on daily basic expose the corrupted system we have in the country.

Notwithstanding, the effect of rape can't be erased. In the aftermath of a sexual assault or rape,survivors can face extremely difficult and painful emotional and experiences. Every survival responds to traumatic events in their own way. The effects of the trauma can be short term or long mainly ;

1. Bruising

2. Bleeding ( Vaginal or anal )

3. Difficulty walking

4. Soreness

5. Broken or dislocated bones

6. Sexually transmitted infection and diseases

7. Pregnancy

Rape victims do not only suffers physical trauma,many battle with mental problems which include ;

a. Post traumatic street disorder (PTSD) including flashback, nightmares, severe anxiety and uncontrollable thought

b. Depression, including prolonged sadness,feelings of hopelessness, unexplained crying ,weight lost of energy or interest in activities previously enjoyed

c. Suicidal thoughts or attempts

Many others suffers from Emotional effect like ;

1. Changes in trusting others

2. Anger and blame

3. Shock

4. Numbness

5. Loss of control

6. Disorientation

7. Fears

8. Self Blame

9. Sexual dysfunction

It's therefore necessary to take heed to the instructions in the piece,to save life and protect dreams,say NO to rape ,save a soul

May we never forget

May we always remember

Credits ;

a. Maximizing your potential (book)




Tonight on my mirror are reflections of scars ,

memories conflicting my presence

tonight a stranger came to cultivate my body,

memories, nightmares ,worries all sending signals

my shadow now bigger than me.

I am the result of a forceful cultivation,

an harvest of betrayers,

a land once filled with honey

now the den of lion.

I am an exchange of trust,

an unwanted summary of imageries,

no to mother that accepted lies,

shame to the giver of burden.

Tonight I am uplifting this burden,

to this storms,

I wave

to life and everything worth dying for,

may we never forget

may we always remember.

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Inaolaji Tawa Adeola
Inaolaji Tawa Adeola
12 de jun. de 2020

This is a very great job boss.

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