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PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE - Suresh Chandra Sarangi

All the old is one segment as created by God.

It is a gift of nature that thousands of mountains, rivers,

large forests, and many sea beaches.

Man has no contribution to this creation.

We are all his Sons and daughters.

Everyone's body consists of blood and flesh.

Based on nationality, creeds, place of birth, the color

where we are all equal before the law of nature.

God has never discriminated areas to areas and men to men.

Discrimination is a man-made concept with compact minds.

Since all the world is a beautiful platform.

We are all one traveler of our life journey.

Since we are the traveler of the same destination

The entire world should be free from the boundary.

Despite many diversities

We should have unity in all respects.

Every nation should respect the demarketed areas of others

Every nation should respect the sovereignty of others

Every nation should respect the peaceful coexistence

Every nation should respect the sentiments of others.

No country should keep colonial thought.

Now We are moving towards the third world war.

This may happen only for border disputes.

Which is totally brutal and inhuman.

Everything would happen if the third world war occurs.

Nothing will remain alive.

Only destruction

Therefore we should leave misconception like

It is yours, that is mine.

Nothing is yours

Everything is of God.

This is the misconception of the narrow-minded

But wise man thinks

The entire world as his house

All are his brothers and sisters.

Hence the narrow conception is regretted and,

a broad conception is well come.

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