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PATRIOTIC SOLDIERS - Adeyemi Kehinde Oluwanishola

We are the voice of the vocals Standing at the gate to make our voice heard We've banged the drum, so let them dance to the tune We're the patriotic soldiers that can't be taken for granted Enough is enough! Toil not with our tomorrow Giving us butter to scrub the undesired bread Enough is enough! Let us be! Let's match to the gate Enough of fable tales as manifesto you've always painted Those lies no longer move us! Your lies have become impotent! The strength in us will take us to the promised land Bloods of the innocent in the streets of our land The question, not my pen for bleeding so hard For this is history fulfilling is a prophecy A time will come that the youths will take their place Enough is enough! Let there be the change! We're the voice of the voiceless The talking drum in the jungle The wind that occupied the space of the earth We are the shade of tomorrow and to our generation I've longed mute to watch the crazy drama at the upper chamber Not a verse nor chapter to open about the incident Black Tuesday became a word of history Why have you kept quiet to watch us mourn the dead Campaign after the election! There's no point in it Medicine after death! What's the point? You knew what was coming from afar But you turned your deaf ears as if it never happened End this! End that! Why does it take so long? But have the power to impose authority on us Forgetting five fingers are not equal but what do you care! Yours is to implement and enforce the law which none of you can bear Enough is enough! Listen to the voice of the masses Remember we put you there and now you stand against us Why! Why! Why have you turned your back at us? The blood of the innocent cries Their house mourn day and night What can bring back the dead? This is not how it's supposed to be This is not how we started We saw part of you standing beside our shadows But of a sudden, you left us alone at the war front While you hide your face and say continue What more will I not say of the lives that were lost? The blood that was shed across the circumference of our nation You sat down there saying we're the leaders of tomorrow When you've refused to stand up for the upcoming generation

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