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Our Togetherness - The Amaranthine Music Of Love

Our Togetherness - The Amaranthine Music Of Love is a collection of poems written by Ankurita Khajanchi that are sure to move the reader as she owns the key to peoples’ heart and soul. This book is a reverberation of the yearning that lies deep down in each one of us. It is a fragment of your heart fabricated into words, words aesthetically entwined to make you ponder about the people you hold close or even make you gulp a sip of soothing pain. Each of the 62 poems is a pearl of an exotic hue, epitomizing The Amaranthine Music Of Love, an array of emotions that resonate through various facets of life. Doused in love, Ankurita's lyrical gems portray a sense of togetherness with self or with a beloved, with nature, with hope or with life as a whole. Sensitively and aesthetically penned, these poems will touch not only those who love reading pure poetry but also to those who love emotions.. Get set to go on a wholesome ride!

To read the full book, follow the link given below,

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