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When everyone is there, concerned with their own lives,

Only they are here with me,

Not concerned about themselves,

But with my life only.

When everyone is against me,

Only they are with me,

And as they believe me and know me well ,

Are enough against any number of people against me,

And also prove me,

Transforming all people to be in favour of me.

When everyone hate me,

And have hatred for me,

Their love is enough to heal me,

And even making them to love me.

When everyone fires on me with their weapons,

They emerges as a magical invisible shield,

Not worried about themselves,

But safe guarding me only.

When everyone break my heart,

And I am just to die,

They become my heart line,

And blessing me to live cheerful long life.

When everyone make fun of me ,

Which discourages me,

They improve and motivate me,

And tell me my drawbacks,

Which everyone notices,

But enjoys scene as their source of laugh and enjoyment.

When everyone watches the end, final result,

It only I know,

Their hardwork behind me,

And the appreciation which they deserve and not me.

Who am I ?

I am just a new one,

They are experenced,

But noone can imagine how will I emerge in future,

But they are indulged in me only,

Doing everything for me, more than they can.

With the grace of God,

Really they are mine,

A great salute to them for their contributions for me,

And I am blessed to be their son,

My life is fine with them only.

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