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The night my father died,

A shooting star zoomed

down the empty sky

in a long line of fire.

The Early morning bird

hooted a sad mournful song

on the bough of an Iroko tree.

Father had been accepted

by his maker

his spirit had gone straight to

heaven not missing the way.

When father died,

my mother’s eyes twinkled

and she shed tears of sorrow.

Mother’s face was shadowed

in deep misery &

the whole world went blank before her eyes.

The night my father died,

my mother felt thoroughly abandoned

like a stone at the bottom of a lake ,

silence sank like sad music in her heart

& descended on her in pitiable layers.

About the Poet:

Samuel Junior Irusota is a multiple award winning Nigerian poet, author and Lawyer. He is the author of three poetry chapbooks including a boy's body is War which won the clash of pens Poetry Contest in 2019. He won the Poets in Nigeria (PIN) Food Poetry Contest in 2018. He won the Wakaso poetry contest in March 2020. He is a guest Poetry editor for Rasa Literary Review. He was shortlisted for the Eriata Oribhabor poetry prize  and the ZI Prize for Literature in 2019. He was shortlisted for the Collin's elensiro Literary Prize in June 2020.  His works has been published on Nigerian Review, the African writers review, journal Nine, Merak magazine, Praxis magazine, tuck magazine, inverse journal and elsewhere.You can find him on Facebook at Samuel Junior Irusota, on Instagram@Irusota Samuel Junior and on Twitter@IrusotaSAN.  He believes that poetry is a tool with which we can change the world. He writes from Edo State in Nigeria. 

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