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Love through Your Eyes - Krishna Chamling

With the cuddles of love, you, the restless heart

Perspires spring fevers in your gorgeously

winsome plump and chubby agile body is

portrayed through your evergreen round

enchanting hazel eyes to the sick wintery souls.

But, hidden it is inside hijab, your naively

pristine and virtuous love smiles the smile of

goddesses’ pleasing graces of contentment, yet

in the absence of its valentines, suffocating

monsoon it rains through your stilly, alert eyes.

All geographic locations in the ecstasy of opulence with the prosperity of bliss, and in agonies, the chaos of ruins, the cries of pains and traumas are seen from your calm, yet glob reeling lenses of eyes cannot deny, kissing the universe’s paradigm shift.

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