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Little Pari by Harmeet Kaur

Some time ago, there was a girl named Pari who was the only child of her parents and loved them very much. Despite being very intelligent, beautiful and clever, she also came first in her studies. One day, as usual, she went to college. In her absence, her mother had an accident. During which the doctor advised her to rest on her bed. When Pari returned home and saw her mother, she felt as if the ground had slipped from under her feet. Pari was very sad.

She only saw darkness for a moment. The time from childhood to adolescence passed like an air bubble in front of Pari’s eyes. She began to cry. Her mother was worried about Pari, because if something happened to her in this accident, then who would take care of Pari? Her mother thought that her small Pari would be lost in this big world. As we all know, when you look at a single girl, the brain alarm of many people starts ringing. Which means that various thoughts arise in their eyes. When they get such thoughts they also get goosebumps. It is said that people who understand stuff easily, a simple hand gesture is enough for them to understand what the other says. On the contrary, many questions started coming in Pari’s mind just like her mother’s. She was worried about who would take care of her mother if something happened to her? In whose lap would Pari sleep on? With whom would she share her deepest feelings about what happened throughout the day?

Looking at the love of mother and daughter, Pari’s father also started tearing up. He wiped the tears of his daughter and his wife. Then a beggar came to their house door.

Pari’s mother told Pari to give him something to eat from the kitchen. Pari went to the kitchen and took the food and went towards the beggar. The beggar looked carefully at Pari’s face and predicted that Pari would soon get married, she would have a good job and would become rich. Saying that the beggar left. Pari’s mother heard what the beggar said and started thinking that maybe it's Pari's good luck that saved her life. Then she started thanking God.

In this way, Pari thinks of her mom and dad more than before and even her parent’s can’t live without Pari. A few days later a guy came with his family wanting to marry Pari. Pari's mom and dad liked the guy and so did Pari. The young man was from a foreign land, and was handsome and intelligent too. The date of their marriage was then fixed but in the meanwhile, Pari kept thinking about how her mom and dad would be left alone after her marriage. After marriage the girl has to leave her house and parents. Pari became a little upset.

Although the world speaks about love, it still begins with mother's love. In the same way, Pari’s mother also wants her lovely daughter to take such cultures from her mother's house so that she can live happily in her married life. May she always get cool air from her in-laws' house.

In those days Pari helped her mother a lot. On the other hand, the wedding day of Pari was near. Pari’s mother realized that Pari was sad. Pari’s mother was wondering why Pari was so silent so she went to her and started talking to her while trying to find out what Pari was thinking, what has she hidden away in her heart. By doing so, she will be able to fulfill her daughter's desire. That is the wish of every parent. This desire is more than money. Pari and her mother talked about the beggar who had come to their house a few days ago to beg and told them about Pari’s life.

What will change in her life? While talking, Pari said that she wants her in-laws to stay at her home after marriage. She says that it is not necessary for every girl to leave home. Especially if she never has a brother. How can she leave her parents in old age when they are in dire need of something. Pari told her mother to ask the boy. But her mother flatly refused.

The next day the boy (Aman) calls Pari to ask her to spend some time together before marriage so that they can get to know each other. Pari on the advice of her parents, agrees to meet him. Both Pari and Aman the next day evening met at a cafe shop. First, Aman described his work and said a few things about himself. Then Aman asked Pari to tell whatever is in her heart, because he noticed that she was spacing off a lot. "As you know I don't have a brother, so I have to take care of my parents," said Pari. “But I think that if I go abroad with you after the marriage, my parents will be left alone here and you do know what just happened to my mom. Just thinking about it makes my soul tremble. The one who raised me for twenty years, taught me and made me able to take care of myself and my family and now I have to leave them helpless and get married?” Pari replied to Aman, "I'm sorry, Aman I can't, I can't leave them”. Aman listened to Pari and understood. He also considered Pari’s parents as his own.

Together they will take care of them. Aman also said that after some time they will invite them abroad. Until then Aman's family members will take full care of them. Pari expressed a little happiness and said that if this could happen then she was ready for marriage. Both were very happy.

The wedding day was now approaching. With great enthusiasm, Pari’s mom and dad prepared for her wedding with the help of their relatives and friends. One day before the wedding, there is a program of songs and music. Special preparations were made for the wedding day. Because on that day the boy's and girl's family, relatives and friends all come together and bless the bride and groom. First the engagement and then the lava ritual (each religion has its own rituals, customs and traditions) is performed by considering God as a witness.

During the lava ritual, the groom and the bride circle around the holy havan four times, either by holding each other’s hands or with their respected dupattas(cloth) being tied.

After the lava ritual they had lunch. Afterwards, gifts from relatives and friends are given to the married couple.

The time of the farewell ceremony is a very critical time. The mother and father of pari’s hugged her and explained to her “my lovely daughter, I pray for you, both of you to be happy in your new life and consider Aman's family as your family. If you have any problem in your marriage life, solve it at home with the help of Aman. Because we can’t always be here to support you, one day we will have to leave too”.

Hearing this brought tears to Aman’s eyes and other relatives as well as Pari’s family. Since Pari does not have a brother, the car, in which she was sitting silently to go to her father-in-law's house, was pushed by her father alone and he gave her his blessings saying, "Daughter, never let the clouds of darkness come in your future life.” Always happy.

A video of the entire wedding was made. While watching the video with Pari, Aman and her mother and father, she saw that her father had pushed the car alone during the farewell. Then she lost her temper. Pari started crying loudly and cursed God thinking that if she had a brother he would also be standing with her dad that day. Aman silenced her and convinced her mother and father that he was also their son. He will fulfill the duties of a son from his heart. Everyone is very happy. Aman took Pari with him abroad after marriage and after some time both of their mother and father also went abroad and lived with them. Aman and Pari were now living a happy life with their parents.

I wonder if a girl in our society would leave her old home and go home to her in-laws. I think that in our society if a girl leaves her parents home and go home to her in-laws then the girls husband should take care of the girl’s family who does not have a son, so that the girl’s parents don’t think that when they get old they will have no one to support them and take care of them. But Pari’s parents are very happy to see their lovely Pari, taking care of both their families. They didn’t realize how fast their little Pari grew up and left her home to live with her husband and his family and brought her own parents along with her. May God keep them happy and healthy forever.

Harmeet Kaur Litt from Punjab, India lives in Athens, Greece. She is an Author and a Poet.

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Σινγκ Α.
Σινγκ Α.
Jan 11, 2021

Very nice story aunty ji


Dipak Singh Gill
Dipak Singh Gill
Jul 14, 2020

Nice 😘😍🥰


Gill Jessie
Gill Jessie
Jul 14, 2020

very nice story ji 🤩🤩

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