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The roses symbolize women, above all Instead of words say to love someone Accepting roses offered means love destiny Promising a beautiful pledge, able to marry Deep secret feelings, love is budding What's better than flowers are bridging! The fragrance is pleasant, sweetest scent To beautify for love of loyalty in existence No coincidence that roses are on the top They're the idol that all of the flowers hope As a personality, they have scent and colors Like women are beautiful and well-mannered In cold rainy winter, they always show off colors Like women express their delicate behavior Experiencing the vicissitudes of life states Fresh colors, nice fragrance, still passionate Appearances and souls are always attractive Women stand up and assert feminism, active Without fearing difficulty they plan to succeed Like wonderful fresh roses in the garden indeed Women are also thorny roses if someone minds Thorny because women don't live a drifting life Not soft and weak to live a negative existence For changing life, they rise their active strength The roses have thorns to protect themselves. As a woman to protect conscience, nothing else Less beautiful she keeps courtesy for the blessing She is still loved by a lot of people being adoring The fragrance from the human heart radiates Admirers call it discreet charm to dedicate Confident women expand their knowledge Powering their beliefs to progress more or less Humbleness, honesty, and courage, don’t lack Love everyone so that they really love back Respecting them is a way to let them respect That peaceful way of treating people to connect Women as flowers, despite any colors Should keep themselves spotless as ever Their energy is always full of vitality It means they repay the grace of life, you see.

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