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JOKER by Zobia Fatima Khan

In this span of loneliness,

Era of competition,

World of suicides,

Minds full of depression,

Crowd of broken hearts,

People, who wants to stay happy,

Who wants to stay alive,

And let other live ,

Eventually become a joker.

Visually they’re are colorful,

Happy, dumb , funny,

They dance, walk , Jump in a circus,

To reduce stress level around the globe.

But behind every laugh, they weep like a child,

Behind those white paints,there’s swallowed eyes,

Behind the funny mask , there’s a tired soul,

Behind every colour, there’s a dark,

Behind every magical trick, there’s a life incident.

Behind every joke, there’s story of pain.

Behind every pray , there’s unfulfilled wish.

Behind every round of applause there’s a deep thought.

Behind every present box , there’s a lost power.

Behind every hope, there’s a tale of desires.

Jokers are meant to make people laugh in a circus,

Ever wondered who makes joker laugh.?

Zobia Fatima khan from Karachi has recently graduated from Dow University of Health Sciences. She is a pathologist by choice and an artist by chance .

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