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The Hill was high up but couldn’t touch the Sky.

The Sky climbed down to hug the hill

but it also failed to meet its desire.

With the pretty green carpet put on her whole body,

the Hill took all of the admiration of the Sky.

That little Fountain splitting the chest of the Hill

flowing murmurously having beautiful view glittering

with the sunbeams and at the night the mysterious

reflection by the moonlight over the falls

made the Sky amusement.

The Sky with its blue color attracted the Hill

and made her fall in love with him.

The night vision in the cloud-free Sky

with glimpsing countless stars

and when in the daylight the blue Sky was visualized

with floating dispersal white cloud before the Hill,

gave her madness delectation.

Sometimes the cloud gave them

opportunity to play hide and seek.

Once in a while, it conveyed warm messages for the Hill.

Sometimes the cloud showered on to the Hill,

gave her a thrill as getting a touch of the Sky

and she was trembling with joy.

Through innumerable years

They have been loving each other,

but couldn’t come nearer.

From the far away

to the horizon line

they are seemed to be hugged each other;

But the fact is different.

They are always utmost far away from each other

And it is their ironic fate.

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