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The internet has significantly reformed the way we live. From the basic to the most complex, several facets of the economic and social movement are presently influenced by the internet. Such innovations have brought essential change throughout society, driving it forward from the mechanical period to the networking era. In our reality, the worldwide information system is a fundamental framework, the internet has changed business, education, direction, human services, and even the manners by which we cooperate with our friends and family, it has turned out to be one of the key factors of social advancement. Benjamin Franklin remarked “The Internet is an excellent source of information, all of it true”, it is relatively difficult to anticipate a world without the Internet.

The most basic exercises, for example, communication and excitement depend dynamically on the internet. The internet is a wellspring of data, a social juncture; it has different utilizations relying upon the requirements of an individual or the setting. The distinction of scholarly domains from non-public, organizational, and government domain names makes it smooth to discover reliable records. Despite the reason, the significance of the internet in our day by day lives is demonstrable.

Unfortunately, snapping internet every week in the Valley has paralyzed the life. The frequent internet blockade is the major regulatory setback in the valley when any law and dispose of circumstance emerges in the Valley, which has been anxious and unsettled throughout the most recent two decades. Social stimulation is currently reliant on the internet. Social skylines of the general population have expanded and closing down the administration is just putting a substantial toll. It has turned into a customary sensation now that the internet services are barred every week. Regardless of the recurrence of shutdowns, the state still does not issue an earlier cautioning or recommend catastrophe availability measures. Authorities know the instance now; the portable internet is the first to go down. J&K is on top among other Indian states that have witnessed a maximum number of internet s hutdowns, from 2012 to 2018, as per network shutdowns records. Students and aspirants of various competitive examinations who have applied for different jobs are facing hardships.

One of the Research Scholar, Sajjad Hussain Mir from Pulwama says:

“I am preparing for the NET Exam, due to everyday blockade I couldn’t prepare well”.

It is not only the matter with him but everyone is facing the same problems. The internet has become a significant resource for traders too; they have been suffering massively due to internet shutdowns. Firdous Ahmad Sheikh a tradesman by profession completed his ( and started his own book Shop (Book Flair) in the hamlet of Sopore he says, “I was thinking to convert my offline store into an online shopping store (e-commerce) but due to repeatedly internet blockade, I feel as we are still living in dark ages.” We have never been taught in our schools the good uses of the internet, so when someone like Firdous Ahmad Sheikh realizes how it is a blessing we get often barren from this blessing. Internet shutdown is very common in Kashmir when it happens during exams; it becomes extremely difficult for the students to prepare.

Research Scholars are majorly dependent on internet services due to unavailability of study material, they are also suffering. In such a situation, losing connectivity almost every other week is the worst thing to happen. Universities, colleges, and schools shut for weeks during volatile situations, the internet could have been a great way to continue education formally and personally, but the repeated shutdowns have closed that door of opportunity too. The Internet works here as per the will and impulses of government and it is extremely unusual that administration experts allow web access in one region and block it in other areas. It is likewise been seen here that occasionally net is choked in one locale and another locale is permitted to access. These regular internet shutdown orders verge on hooliganism.

Firdous Dar is a PhD English Research scholar at DAVV Indore.

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