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**I'm sorry but this is life** by Hareem Fatima

I'm sorry; please listen

to what these tears have to say.

The words are stuck in my throat

But I guess I have to force them out today.

You can only see this radiant smile

But I’m completely damaged from within.

My own emotions have devoured my heart

Yet I am still connected to you.

I’m finally saying all this, so please believe it

This warmth that you feel from me.

I’ve created it artificially. Just for you

I hope you can surrender to your emotions

And yet be at peace at the same time.

Just look at how we live under the same moon

Trust that I'll be back to you soon

It’s soothing knowing that we live under the same sky.

But when it rains on me, I know it rains on you too.

I wish I could hug you

But I have so much to do.

So much to prove

Just wait for me, I'll be back soon.

I have to work hard

And make sure this light in me

Shines so bright.

That it can reach you all

Heal you all, teach you all

Inspire you all.

I need to show you what rising feels like

After every devastating fall.

You ask me why I’m like this

You wonder why I don’t talk much to you.

I’m sorry. My heart is dead.

What else can I do?

I’m so used to this silence

That your kindness feels like chains

That will bind me to the ground

And make me weak once again.

I am sorry but this is life—

A microscopic part of it…

All I ask of you

Is to understand me

Be with me.

Love me.

And trust me.

You are my mom, my dad, my friends,

My family, my haters, my supporters,

My enemies and spectators.

That day will come

When I finally hear those words

"Son, I’m so proud."

And that’s when I will take a bow

And thank each one of you

For being a faithful crowd....

Hareem Fatima is a psychology student, educationist, published poet, self help book author, and entrepreneur. Her startup 'Litlight' is an ebook store and writer/poet promoting platform which is illuminating literature globally.

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