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I live in the country Štrikova, lamps, commoner Dust, alley, firangi. It's all the same as it used to be. Grandma's sideboard, He stands at its place And cake spot, You know that round with the foot, When the guests come, Let them see her: Let's get lost. I am here, Where is the weekly lunch At noon exactly And everything goes in order, Well of course And Strudel with Poppy. I am here, Where else do they ride horses with alleys, Where the kids of the boss play, Where they are in the street, Where young girls get married. I am here, Where the father in the house is the law, Where is the mother's word To respect the must, I love being there And I will never leave. I am here, Where do you go to the dance on Saturday, Where every groom, Ask the young sister-in-law, I'm here! I am here, Where everyone is driving with a fijakerom, Where else is everyone talking Help us And Forgive God. I am here, Where you go on Wednesday, Even "Mother in a row", Not to everyone, Only for the air! I am here, In the land of the farmers, Wax, The Forest, Where are you still Baking a lot of rakija. I am here, Where it is always celebrated and sing, matter, Zakaria, test. Here I am, buddy, On the most beautiful land In Vojvodina, Ravničarskoj, Sremačkoj, Pork, Wine and becarskoj, Here I am!!!

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