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I LEAVE IT: STOP IT - Pablo Felix Jimenez

Let the birds fly on the flight, let you laugh in joy, Cry in the disappointment, let it all go. Like a rainbow, a stumble, a hug. Leave the child in his illusion as a child, to the great in his disappointment of great, and leave the old man in his late wake. Let everything be right or crooked, as far as roads lead you to oblivion, or as creepers clinging on a thousand roads that lead to nothingness. But don't leave in moments paralysis... Above all leave, a tide. Run, wander, leak into the hearts you touch. Because you know? if you don't, the dream of the child does not get rid of the afflicted night, the great perpetual a loss, the old man sleeps a hope, and you poor you lost in oblivion. Leave your memory remembered in your hearts, your joys rejoice to those who encourage, your crying tears to those who comfort, your steps in a row, walked, as you open ways in souls.

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