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Don’t tell me to stop by Somadina M. James

Don’t tell me to stop

Protest not for the cessation of the bleeding of my guts

For I will not retire from this profession

My arteries transport bloody confessions

Till time has heard my voice

And Man-folk has made love her choice

Till history has worn my design

Till then I won’t resign

I applied for this course

And I’ll run it to the finish

Till justice is just it

And freedom is in free-domes

Till dusk succeeds to husk off these layers, serene anarchy

So leave me to mourn my mother’s madness

Let me bemoan the malady of my dear lady

Her foes made it to her doors at last

They mask their intentions with the suit called LAW

The heart’s anus has excreted injustice

They’ve shamed shame before her very face

And now our tunnels are bust

We will flood these zones with our cries and our woes

Until they’ve scored the song the night taught us

And learned so well the art of peace,

Till do not tell me to stop

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