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Discover Depression by Avila Parkavi

Echoing Rhythmic heartbeats

You skip, you die

Unweary airway breaths

You skip, you fall

Like the beat, like the breath

Depression fits now, different among the two

Dealing with this special new mystery

Needs excess forbearance and admittance

Escaping leads to eternal trap

Avoiding leads to dark tunnel,

Which is blocked in either way

With the essence of immortals in it

But surviving is the right and only key

To all the chaotic repeated queries

Untold anger many say the key as failure

As we all heard, failure is the key to success

Here the key is to discover the truth of you

Parkavi is a literature student from Puducherry. She is not a professional writer but she do write to relieve her heavy soul. She is more passionate in abstract painting and writing.

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