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Depression by Muzzafar Magray

Once there lived a man named Saleem. Since boyhood days he was very introvert. He had chosen two or three friends with whom he used to go to school and later on played with them. Saleem had a very loving family. His mom , dad, younger brother and two sisters loved him so much. He was enrolled in a school where he was accompanied by his grandfather who was the headmaster there. Saleem therefore began to take less interest in studies as he was aware that no one among the teachers would beat him if his home work was not completed.

Finally Saleem marticulated and his grandfather due to superannuation bid good bye to his service as headmaster. He later continued his education and completed his B.A. After that Saleem began to pay some interest in higher studies, so it was decided by the family that he will apply for post graduation. He began to work hard and was now waiting for the results for the exams he sat for.

Unfortunately, his result was not declared, as he was shown absent in one of his paper. Saleem was shocked so was his family when they heard this news. The worst was yet to come. The teacher post was advertised in the village and all the eligible candidates had to submit their documents. Now petrified Saleem began to curse his fate. He was knowing it well that had his result been declared, his position was secure.

Days went on, Saleem began to loose interest in things, especially his studies. Finally his result was declared, but it only added fuel to the fire, as the post was fulfilled now by the person who does not deserve that post. Everyone in Salem's family tried to console him that there might be something better planned for you by the God but Saleem was not paying any attention towards them. He was lost in his thoughts. From that day he began to loose his temper. Although from childhood he was bit shy now he completely isolated himself, even from the rest of the family.

His parents were worried about him, his father always told him, "now that you did not get the job, I am happy that you are with me, let us wait and see what is written in your destiny." His mother tried her best to make him understand that by isolating himself his problems will be doubled. Saleem was so much disturbed that now suicidal thoughts start to creep in his mind. Fortunately his younger brother studied his mind and tried his level best to cheer him up and to some extent he succeeded in it. The family now decided that Saleem will be married, so that he will feel better. Finally the day dawned, Saleem was looking cheerful and everyone in the family was gaily. Their happiness doubled when they saw smile on Salem's face. His wife although she was not that much educated, always gave him company and tried her best to bring smile on his face.

She used to tell Saleem that you are my everything, my world, I don't need any thing else. I have no greed of money nor am I longing for luxurious life style. I just need you and your love that is what I will demand till my last breath.

After marriage Saleem was happy for some time, but things began to change once again. Saleem had developed now psychological problems. He used to wash his hands entire time as if they were dirty even in the harsh winter he used to bath with cold water for hours. Now it was decided that doctor should be consulted but Saleem was not willing to go. Finally his younger brother somehow managed and Saleem was taken to the clinic. Saleem was asked by the doctor, what is your name? "My name is, the name by which my family knows me", replied Saleem. The doctor further told him what are you doing? "Nothing special", Saleem replied. I just close my eyes and then I don't know where I am. Sometimes on clouds, sometimes sailing in the sea and times I feel I am lost somewhere. After investigating his case,doctor prescribed medicine and assured that he will be alright within a year. Now family was having a ray of hope. Saleem was recovering day by day and it was good sign for the family. Now sitting idle at home, Saleem began to feel bored. His younger brother came to his rescue again, motivating him to play carrom and times cricket with him, cricket being the favourite game of Saleem. While playing he was completely lost in the game and forget all his worries.

One day good news came from the hospital, Saleem has now earned the status of fatherhood. He was the father of a girl now. Everyone was congratulating him, his family, his friends, the new girl had brought a new ray of hope for Saleem. He kissed the forehead of his daughter and was dancing in happiness. Saleem now quit smoking, he began to realise that now he has a family to look after. He cant spent in trifles. His parents were happy seeing their son in new attire. Saleem began to look after the entire family as he worked in fields , helped by his younger brother. They both were determined now that they can overcome every problem that was going to come their way as they had the blessings of their parents with them.

Muzzafar Ahmad Magray  hailing from the small hamlet, khundoora in District Anantnag  jammu and Kashmir (INDIA) is a POET,WRITER AND VORACIOUS  READER.

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