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"Dear Almighty" by Author Shahid Abbas

"Dear Almighty"                     We humbly beg your blessing           Forgetting to ask                         We are helpless                  Only you can save us Throughout an ungrateful universe         People are dying    Souls savaged             The world has closed upon us  Lives ruined..... Dear God protect us  Listen to the voices of the innocent still in lock down                    Fear fear everywhere                        Humans refusing to be human         Death wanders like shadow You are the real King            Omnipresent        You alone can do for us  What we mortals only dream of                We are here to serve you To do as you ask We believe in You            Please forgive us   Darkness pervades       You are the pure light  Please show us the way                     Almighty forgive us                         We have forgotten your love                Roads are riddled with bodies       The graveyards filled Dear God have mercy on us                    We have forgotten            Only you can do the impossible           No matter we have worldly goods   We remain helpless and powerless         The heartless owners of universe spewing their empty lies       They do what they want       We are nothing to them To you we are everything  Please save us        Only you can.....

Shahid Abbas is a poet and writer. He was born in a village 421GB, Tandlianwala Faisalabad Pakistan. He studied at the government degree college in Tandlianwala and later graduated from GC University Faisalabad from where he attained a MA degree in English literature. He has worked as a teacher. Shahid began writing poetry when he was nineteen-years-old. He has received many writing awards from online writing platforms. Shahid’s poetry and stories has been published in many international books and newspapers. At the present time, he is working on completing his own book.

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