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Acquisitions Editor - Muhammad Azram

Poet, Author and Translator Muhammad Azram hails from Haripur, Pakistan. Muhammad Azram is an autodidact, and a self-styled philosopher. With his unique and novel approach in his subjects varying from traditional subjects of love, life relationships and belongings to more complex and complicated subjects of metaphysics like time, space and life trio, and even more complicated subjects like beyond life and death and beyond unknown and unknown. Along with penning down his own intellect he also translates powerful voices from Urdu literature.

Muhammad Azram has been conferred with many international Awards and literary honors by various International Literary Organizations. Muhammad Azram’s literary work and solo books continue to be published more widely and his poems reside in numerous International Anthologies and Magazines of acclaim. Muhammad Azram’s selected literary work has been translated into Spanish, French, Italian, Serbian, Arabic and many other international languages and published in prestigious anthologies and magazines.

He is now working as an ACQUISITIONS EDITOR at WRITERLY.

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