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BE MY SECRET NIGHT - Refik Martinovic

Stealing down the city Without the moon and a star My street Wrapped in silence Tones in loneliness I'm silent... And the memories are coming Stuck In days without counting And for years without a trip ... how to get used to it Without you in your dreams. Alone alone In silence in silence I listen to sad songs Rare birds Hoard days Who mean nothing to me And you are dying somewhere In my dreams And memories Even when I loved many I believed that I loved you I know I will never Stop loving you Until he wakes me up The smell of your lips. My dear More and more afraid of the dark And forgotten alley Be my secret Hidden in unforgettable Be my rare bird Which one sometimes stops by To wake up youth In which the dust is breathing From your footed What was the cure for my soul And forget our destiny. Maybe she is cute Spring in your garden With the smell of good times April blooming Maybe butterflies They are chasing your car No scars and wounds Maybe it will be taken Playing in the wind In the moments of the sun ... and you are happy Why there is no April rain Which you didn't love Because they knew In my city Sometimes to cry for a long time.

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