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Author Manisha Amol

Author Manisha Amol is a science graduate from Hindu College,DU. Pursued MBA(Marketing) from IMT,Ghaziabad she has worked with many corporations at various levels and won many accolades for her achievements.Currently working as a Director with a Startup. She started her literary journey 2 years back with focus on English poetry, Hindi poetry, Short Story and Ghazals.Her poems have been published in 30 anthologies-28 national and 2 international. She is actively associated with numerous online portals that promote English/Hindi literature. She has participated in 20 online talk shows, 6 live shows, numerous poetry sessions etc and has been immensely appreciated for her work. She has received numerous awards participating in online poetry contests. Three of her works which helped her gain more confidence in writing are: प्रेरणा -a poem selected for an international online bilingual platform ‘Setu’ was her stepping stone. The Kali Project-another international anthology was a satisfying venture. To get selected amongst many applicants was truly motivating. A Tribute to Mr Ruskin Bond-Her contribution was well appreciated in an anthology on the occasion of his 87th birthday. Her first solo English poetry book’Euphony of My Heart’ has been published and is being received well across readers of all age groups.

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