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Author Ankurita Khajanchi

Author Ankurita Khajanchi is a logophile, a civil services’ aspirant and a published author. Writing, debates and speeches have always been her cup of tea. She was the editor of her school magazines and newsletters for many consecutive years and also been awarded with the title of Best Writer. She participated and won in inter college speech competitions. And that’s how her journey ushered. Most of her writings are a reverberation of the yearning that lies deep down in each one of us. It is a fragment of our heart fabricated into words; words aesthetically entwined to make us ponder about the people we hold close or even make us gulp a sip of soothing pain. Doused in love, these lyrical gems portray a sense of togetherness with self or with a beloved, with nature or with life as a whole. Enshrouded with love and longing, fears and festivities, melancholy and mirth, sorrow and solace, delight and dread, her poems will take you on a ride of vehemence. The verses brim with vivid imagery, profound story telling, metaphoric logophilia and tinges of vehemence each of us hold dear. Her first poetry book is ‘Our Togetherness-The Amaranthine Music Of Love’, released in July 2021 and she had also contributed to many an anthologies. Her articles and poems have found space on various online and offline platforms. Having scored 517th rank in Rajasthan Administrative Services 2017, Ankurita has also written a book ‘Ace The Interview’, on civil services’ interview preparation. She owns a YouTube channel ‘A4U- For Avid Learners’. From writing now and then for her people to getting regular with her quill, she won 35 prizes in 8 months on an esteemed online platform Asian Literary Society. She was also invited to write for the Journal of Asian Art Culture and Literature. Ankurita loves to learn and wishes to be a jack of all trades while mastering a few. Book Link :

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