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Arya's Hunting Ground by Author Arvind Narsima

Two politically powerful business rivals want to end their age long feud by marrying one’s daughter to another’s son. But fate writes another tale when the girl marries a young playback singer, who has risen to riches from rags. The marriage is estranged as the singer gives in to the blissful elixirs of the new found life – booze, drugs and women. One night, he’s found murdered in his bungalow. As a VIP, it’s declared a white collar murder and the CBCID is pulled in. Young and handsome, intelligence officer, Arya, is summoned to the crime scene. His senior, a divorcee with a 4 years old daughter, SSP Shivani Verma, who has a special liking to the enigmatic cop, accompanies him. What appears to be an ordinary mugging case, gone wrong, turns out into the worst nightmare ever. Arya finds out that there was a girl and three other people during the murder. The dead man’s wife and father-in-law have all the motives but Arya sees the unseen. He has comprehensive explanations and plausible theories but then, the subsequent murders of a Goorka, the girl with whom the singer was that night and her husband, shatters the core of the ongoing investigation. Soon Arya finds himself surrounded by ruthless politicians, selfish businessmen, paid assassins who unleash their retributions on small girls and hard-core criminals operating from the prison, who killed mercilessly for money, power and women. Several senior Police officers are compromised. Shivani Verma is abducted and the lives of those in Arya’s own team are in danger. Despite all odds, deadly secrets are revealed, intrinsically woven plots are discerned and life threatening actions are undertaken by the fearless cop, who bends rules and protocols to bring the criminals and those benefitting from them, to justice. Did Arya find the real culprits behind all the murders? Did justice really prevail? Could he save Shivani Verma? Was he able to make sure his friends were safe?

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