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Come on love tonight, show yourself somewhere You will be a dear guest in my heart Or leave me a message in the Moon's sleeve The scrolls are asleep and they won't see her, people. And paint something with your fingers of longing A spark that will warm me like the sun I'll steal that warmth with my breath, skillfully And gently, lean on the frozen heart. Well, you can hang a verse about a star Thoughts will drip onto my pillow Let it be intoxicating, romantic, quiet On pathless dreams of light to follow me. Love, don't hesitate, just dare I will wait for you quietly on the mountain of night Catch the wind and tell him in a whisper If I were your obsession, I can't pass you. And leave a trace in the darkness of heaven Yes, I know how I am, there, somewhere - you stand Come tonight, in the prism of my eyes Heaven will whisper to me how much you love me

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