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Adriana Inspires By Adriana Girolami & Williamsji Maveli


Co-penned by

Adriana Girolami

Williamsji Maveli

This book consists of short inspirational stories that are a vital and meaningful part of our lives. They were co-penned by Historical Romance Author & Artist Adriana Girolami, who lives in the USA in the beautiful, Sunshine State of Florida, & Author, Poet, WilliamsjiMaveli, currently based in the splendid, Indian State of Kerala.

This joint effort compiled by the allegorical motivation of two people who highly regard each other's talent. They feel closely connected by their mutual fascination for the incomparable beauty and eloquence of words.

During the evolution of history and through the dust of centuries, literature, poetry, prose have become the greatest connector for the human spirit.

A true form of Aesthetic bliss that might possess a distinct theological meaning, an almost divine influence upon a person, from a celestial entity; this sense of inspiration is alive and well today in anyone that wishes to partake in the amazing voyage of creation. It is the greater search for endless beauty, which affirms the might of human emotions and the soul.

Williamsji Maveli & Adriana Girolami

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